Key Performance Indicators

The progress of the MedTech CoRE will be measured against the KPIs below.

1. A national Centre of Medical Technologies Research Excellence that is internationally recognised and sought after for its expertise and innovation

  1. International journal publications
  2. International conference publications
  3. International talks by CoRE researchers on MedTech research
  4. Inquiries from clinical organisations that lead to research projects or research advice from CoRE members
  5. Inquiries from national and international companies that lead to research projects or research advice from CoRE researchers
  6. CoRE researchers being engaged to sit on relevant national and international scientific and medical advisory boards, editorial advisory boards and reviewing research grants in the MedTech area
  7. Consulting activities by CoRE researchers
  8. CoRE researchers contributing to New Zealand government policy
  9. New national and international research partnerships
  10. Use of CoRE facilities and software by industry and other external groups
  11. External research grants awarded to CoRE researchers
  12. Philanthropic donors support CoRE research

2. Graduates that contribute to New Zealand’s innovation capacity and MedTech industry growth

  1. CoRE graduates in paid employment in the New Zealand MedTech sector, including start-up ventures
  2. CoRE graduates active in MedTech research in a New Zealand university or CRI
  3. CoRE graduates employed into international companies or universities
  4. Students completing courses related to business and entrepreneurial skills as part of the CoRE graduate training programme
  5. CoRE graduates who have participated in clinical research within the New Zealand health system
  6. Medical graduates who have participated in MedTech research within the CoRE

3. A vibrant New Zealand MedTech business sector contributing to the New Zealand economy

  1. Filed patents
  2. IP licenses to industry
  3. Students completing industry or clinical internships
  4. Commercial contracts
  5. Seed projects that are addressing industry needs
  6. Validation studies in collaboration with clinicians
  7. Active co-development partnerships between industry and CoRE researchers
  8. Technologies transferred to non-MedTech research or industry
  9. CoRE graduates entering New Zealand industry, with positive feedback from industry
  10. Spinout companies with their employees and growth
  11. International MedTech companies investing in research in New Zealand
  12. Products or services developed by the CoRE that are successfully commercialised

4. Healthier New Zealanders through adoption of our technologies for the prevention, early diagnosis and management of disease

  1. New technologies including software adopted into healthcare practice
  2. Cost‐effectiveness of new medical technologies
  3. Studies using CoRE research with clinical outcomes reported
  4. Preclinical trials (animals) and clinical trials (patients) of CoRE technologies with clinical partners
  5. Improved safety and quality of healthcare as a result of CoRE research
  6. New Zealanders who have provided medical data for use by CoRE researchers
  7. New Zealanders who have been diagnosed or treated with CoRE technologies

5. Improved health and economic outcomes for Māori

  1. Workshops and hui for information exchange with Maori health delivery groups
  2. Maori postgraduate students and postdoctoral research fellows trained by the CoRE
  3. Maori health professionals collaborating with the CoRE
  4. Seed projects incorporating Maori mātauranga and practices
  5. Projects that directly meet Maori health needs
  6. Partnerships with iwi and Maori health delivery groups
  7. Technologies transferred to existing or new Maori health ventures

6. A public more engaged with the MedTech CoRE and research on medical technologies

  1. Media releases
  2. Invitations for media participation (interviews, articles)
  3. Presentations to community groups, schools
  4. Visitors to CoRE open day activities
  5. New initiatives for public outreach
  6. Secondary school science and mathematics teachers participating in the MedTech CoRE outreach initiative
  7. Public seminars
  8. Visitors to the MedTech CoRE website