Commercialisation & Entrepreneurship Course Content


This module is designed to act as a hands on workshop where students get in depth knowledge of the principals of commercialising their research and the challenges they need to consider. This is a module where students are encouraged to move outside their comfort zone and think about their professional development.

Sample Timetable (variable as we are dependent on external partners)

Day 1

  • Context
    • Government, Universities and Business
    • Commercial Research, Basic Research and Teaching
  • Catalytic change, disruption and survival of the fastest
    • Destruction, disruption or creative accumulation
    • The innovator’s advantage and how to use it
  • Innovation
    • Where good ideas come from
    • Entrepreneurial mind-set
  • Lunch (one hour)
  • The principles and practice of networking, co-creation
    • Networking principles
    • Open innovation
  • Value Proposition Design
    • Business models
    • Gains, Pains and jobs

Group task explained

Students at a commercialisation workshop.

Day 2

  • Presentation Skills
  • Time for group work
  • Lunch
  • Time for group work
  • Ming from UV Lens: Brainstorm about your group task
  • Daniel from UV Lens: How to successfully balance your PhD with your business aspirations.

Day 3

  • Time for group work
  • Collaboration
    • Why collaborate?
    • Why most collaborations fail and how to minimise failure?
  • Lunch (one hour)
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Who owns the IP?
    • Protection: Patent - stages, costs, alternatives
    • Prior Art and Freedom to Operate
    • Searching existing technology (patents, literature) 
  • Realising the potential: Business models
    • Design
    • Types
    • Competition 

Day 4

  • Morning session, please allow time to practice and be prepared for your presentations on Friday morning. If assistance needed, then I am happy to help
  • Orion Health Site visit and talk with Kevin Ross 1-3pm Weather permitting we can walk up together leaving from ABI at 12.30.
  • C-Prize Information Lecture - WG126 Lecture Theatre, AUT City Campus, 55 Wellesley Street East 5-6.30 pm

Day 5

  • Group Presentations and Feedback

Workshop cont’d in the afternoon. (3 hours)

  • Valuation and investments
    • An investor’s perspective
    • Useful estimation methods
  • Case studies
    • Charging the Future
    • LanzaTech

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