Instrumentation & Design Course Content


This module covers fundamental principles of the design and instrumentation processes typically required to develop medical devices. Based around a clinical scenario of enteral feeding, where liquid nutrients are pumped into a patients’ stomach or intestine via a tube, participants construct a peristaltic pump similar to those currently used. This includes mechanical, electronic and software elements to yield a computer controlled pump.

Students at an Instrumentation and Design workshop.

Each day consists of short seminars followed practical sessions covering the following topics.

Day 1-2

Design and Manufacturing

Awareness of design and development process from concept to completion, cost, time and regulatory constraints, and the effect of materials and fabrication methods on design options.

  • Defining design briefs (customer and user requirements).
  • Mechanical design fundamentals.
  • Industrial design concepts.
  • Material types, selection and uses.
  • Standard components.
  • Regulations and Standards.
  • Computer aided drawing (CAD) to computer aided machining (CAM) processes.
  • Fabrication methods.
  • Test and Measurement.
  • Design reviews.
  • Health and Safety

Day 3


Understand the tools and processes to develop and manufacture electronic systems

  • Basic electronics and components.
  • Circuit design and fabrication processes.
  • Component selection and suppliers.
  • Soldering skills, component handling.
  • Test equipment use.

Day 4

Data Acquisition & Control

Understand hardware and systems to acquire physical measurements and control processes

  • Sensors and Actuators.
  • Equipment to acquire and control physical parameters.
  • Analogue to Digital, Digital to Analogue concepts.
  • Signal Filtering.
  • Feedback control and tuning.
  • Software, acquisition and control with LabVIEW.
  • Embedded software.

Day 5


Overview of optical systems

  • Fundamental optical principles.
  • Image acquisition (ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed).

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