MedTech Core
Our Researchers

About MedTech CoRE and CMDT

Our Vision

The CMDT was created to serve as a world leading research platform in medical device technologies for New Zealand, focused on generating economic outcomes for our partners.

The MedTech CoRE is the translational research pipeline for this industry sector.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Provide a focal point for industry to connect with New Zealand medical device research capabilities.
  • Work inclusively with research organisations, clinicians, health providers and the Health Innovation Hub to develop medical devices.
  • Complement existing successful enterprises and initiatives in the NZ medical devices sector.
  • Support the most effective mechanisms to drive research outputs through to commercialisation using a range of linkages with established companies, spin-out companies or international partners.
  • Promote the capabilities of New Zealanders and New Zealand organisations in conjunction with MTANZ to grow the Medical Device sector in NZ.
  • Ensure excellent communication of capabilities and resources to all partners.

NZ Ecosystem for MedTech Sector Growth

Callaghan Innovation has established a MedTech Cluster to provide strategic overview and grow the environment for the sector. This cluster is underpinned by the CMDT and the MedTech CoRE.

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