Commercialisation of a High-Resolution Electrogastrographic Imaging System

Project Team Leader
Dr Peng Du (UoA)

Project Team
A/Prof Greg O'Grady (UoA)
Prof Nikola Kasabov (KEDRI, AUT)

Project Summary
Despite the outstanding clinical significance and socioeconomic burden of chronic gastrointestinal (GI) diseases, present diagnostic and treatment methods remain lengthy and largely symptom-based. Electrogastrography (EGG), a promising screening tool for the bioelectrical dysrhythmias associated with GI diseases, is currently limited by the number of recording sensors and a lack of analysis software package. This proposal aims to build on the outcomes of a MedTech CoRE seed project (‘A Model-assisted Diagnostic Package for Clinical Electrogastrography’) and to achieve the rapid commercial translation of an integrated high-resolution electrogastrographic imaging/recording (EGGI) system. The EGGI system will transform the diagnostic efficacy of EGG through a proprietary system of optimising electrodes positioning, neural-network-based training algorithms for classification, and a software for detailed feedback to clinicians. A team from the ABI, AUT, and Department of Surgery have been assembled to develop such a system and bring it to market.