Nausea mitigation for Immersive virtual reality rehabilitation post Spinal Cord Injury

Project Team Leader
Marcus King (Callaghan Innovation)

Project Team
Dr Diana Siew (UoA)
Dr Swati Gupta (Callaghan Innovation)
Dr Debbie Snell (UoO, Burwood Academy, CDHB)
Dr Jo Nunnerley (UoO, Burwood Academy, CDHB)
Allyson Calder (UoO)

Project Summary
A CoRE Seed project had previously created and tested a virtual reality (VR) wheelchair trainer for people with recent spinal cord injury (SCI). User evaluation found a high demand for the system, but unfortunately, like many VR systems, it created nausea in the users. People with SCI are very susceptible to the effects of nausea. Insurance companies such as ACC have stated a wish to purchase the trainer for their clients subject to the nausea issue being solved. This ART project will develop and clinically trial a nausea mitigation protocol, enabling conversion of the wheelchair trainer to a commercial enterprise.