Marcus King

Callaghan Innovation
Team leader, Assistive Devices, ICT

Marcus King is the lead researcher of the Assistive Devices team, ICT, Callaghan Innovation, developing rehabilitation technologies to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and reduce the costs of healthcare. He was trained as a mechanical engineer and is experienced in both applied research and in the transfer of science to commercialised technology. His focus on end user engagement during research created the Able-X stroke rehabilitation system now commercialised by Im-Able Ltd. He enjoys leading a multi-disciplinary team including clinicians and IT specialists.

Marcus was NZ innovator of the year in 2011 due to his expertise across a wide range of devices for healthcare applications, also gaining the 2010 Better Technology Award from Engineers Australia for products designed to be used by people with disabilities; the Royal Society Cooper Medal in 2010 and the Rutherford Science Medal, Bronze, in 2001 for transfer of science to technology, when working in the forestry sector. Marcus is a Distinguished Scientist at Callaghan Innovation.

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