Enhanced Echocardiography for Heart Disease (Echo)

An image generated from Echo imaging.

This project will develop novel methods for augmenting clinical echocardiographic examinations with statistical population-based heart models and finite element analysis of ventricular mechanics. Existing tools developed for cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) will be adapted to enable interactive 3D modelling of left ventricular geometry and function directly from Echo imaging, which is cheaper, faster and more widely accessible compared to MRI. The new Echo analysis tools will provide biomarkers of the mechanical status (stiffness, contractility, stress and work load) of the heart. The personalised cardiac analysis framework will be used to analyse data from a variety of CVD patients to characterise the variability of cardiac mechanical and remodelling parameters across patient population groups. This will provide a strategic, long-term pathway by which Echo exams can be used to augment risk assessment as a primary healthcare tool.

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