Flagship 4: Patient-specific virtual organs for surgical planning


This Flagship will develop a clinical workflow for pre-surgical analysis and planning for the treatment of tumours and other pathologies in soft tissue organs, using patient-specific image-based models.

The software-based workflow will allow uploading of pre-operative patient imaging of soft tissue organs - such as the liver, prostate, thyroid or pancreas - and will deliver a patient-specific model of the organ’s 3D surface geometry and embedded models of, for example, the intrahepatic vascular and biliary anatomy and their relationship to treatment targets (such as a tumour). The model will also facilitate the registration and fusion of patient-specific data from multiple image modalities. The pre-operative planning service will include facilities to compute blood flow in the vascular system, given suitable boundary flows measured with Doppler ultrasound, and, when needed, optimisation of thermal ablation strategies for treating a tumour.


Principal Investigators

University of Auckland

Associate Investigators

University of Auckland

  • Dr Harvey Ho

Callaghan Innovation

  • Dr Paul Harris

Our Work


  • University of Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Callaghan Innovation (New Zealand)