Synthetic anatomies

Synthetic anatomies is a reference to 3D printed physiology – for different purposes – from facial prosthetics to simulated anatomies or phantoms for surgical planning. The technological background to these projects is provided by recent advances in scanning and multimateral 3D printing that enables us to mimic the physiology of the human body and print complex forms - with a variety of material properties, ranging from soft to hard, opaque to transparent and more recently in full colour; and thereby mimic anatomical qualities – density, tactility and dynamic qualities – in high fidelity and highly customised to individual anatomies.

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Designed Prosthetics: research thesis by Zach Challies. Supervisors Bernard Guy and Ross Stevens VUW
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Preliminary research into 3D printing blood vessels and brain aneurysms, Dr Kelvin Woon and Dr Peter Kerstens Wellington Hospital, Bernard Guy VUW

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