User interfaces for MedTech projects

To facilitate the use of the Physiome Project standards for the modelling activities in the MedTech CoRE, we are developing a number of reusable modules and Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) that link in the standards-based simulation and visualisation libraries described above. These components are designed such that application developers are provided with high level abstractions to process medical images, medical data and simulation algorithms. These components are organised as software modules and GUI plugins. A schematic of this framework is shown below.

An software architecture diagram of User Interfaces for MedTech CoRE use.

The MedTech CORE Software library is a collection of software modules that abstract high level processes such as segmentation, mesh generation, simulation etc. These modules are mainly built using OpenCMISS libraries and other open source libraries like ITK (which provides methods for image registration, segmentation and filtering), VTK, CGAL etc. (which provide meshing capabilities). Modules do not directly interact with the user; rather they enable plugins with processing capabilities. The application framework consists of plugins that implement workflows by linking user interactions with modules and other plugins. Plugins use the QT widget framework for GUI and the Common Toolkit (CTK) for their lifecyle management and inter-plugin communication. The framework enables developers to build applications by creating workflows using existing plugins or adding new plugins and modules as required. Each development contributes to the MedTech CORE software ecosystem and maintains a consistent user experience across applications. Developers can also build applications that do not use plugins and the CTK framework rather just the capabilities offered by the modules.

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