Non-contact and Automated measurement of Jugular Venous Waves and Carotid Pulse Contour

Project Team Leaders
Dr Yusuf Cakmak (UoO)
Prof Poul Nielsen (UoA)

Project Team
Prof Martyn Nash (UoA)
A/Prof Andrew Taberner (UoA)
Amir HajiRassouliha (UoA)

Project Summary
Evaluation of the jugular venous pulse waveforms (JVW) and carotid artery pulse waveforms (CAW) is important for diagnosing diseases related to the right and left chambers, and valves of the heart. Numerous clinical conditions are related to cardiac pathologies resulting in anomalous JVW and CAW. Despite the great importance of measuring JVW and CAW, existing diagnostic methods are based on subjective and unreliable visual observations, or require invasive catheterisation.

We have designed and built a portable camera-based instrument that can non-invasively measure JVW and CAW with unprecedented accuracy using a novel image registration algorithm. These initial findings offer encouraging evidence that we can make a novel, quantitative, non-invasive medical device to perform JVW and CAW tests, enabling nurses, general practitioners, and cardiologists to use the device as a screening tool to perform initial diagnoses for a range of heart diseases. This project is designed to test our technology for extracting the JVW&CAW on 30 healthy subjects.