Pelvic floor muscle disorders in women: FemFit Clinical Data

Project Team Leader
Dr Jennifer Kruger (UoA)

Project Team
Prof Poul Nielsen (UoA)
A/Prof David Budgett (UoA)
Dr Daniel McCormick (UoA)
A/Prof Edgar Rodriguez-Ramirez (VUW)
Kah Chan (VUW)
Dr Lynsey Hayward (CMDH)
Dr Jackie Smalldridge (CMDH)

Project Summary
Pelvic floor disorders, in particular pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence affect 1 in 4 women during their lifetime. Surgery for pelvic organ prolapse is common, but recurrence of the condition is high. This project aims to provide evidence that the vaginal pressure profile measured by a new prototype device (the FemFit) is able to contribute to the immediate and long term management of prolapse and aid in the patients recovery.