A Nutrient Recycling Device for Gastrointestinal Stomas and Fistulas

Project Team Leader
A/Prof Gregory O'Grady, UoA

Project Team
Prof Ian Bissett, UoA
A/Prof Liz Bennett, UoO
Dr Celia Keane, UoA
Mac Greenslade, UoA

Project Summary
The formation of an ileostomy remains a cornerstone of colorectal cancer management. An ileostomy involves dividing the distal small bowel (ileum) and bringing the ends onto the skin, so that digestive contents flow into a bag. Market analyses estimate >100,000 ileostomy surgeries are performed in the US per year, with an overall prevalence of 450,000-800,000 ileostomies and 3% annual growth1,2. Rates are likely higher in NZ, due to our world-leading rates of colorectal cancer.