Quantification of Colonic Motor Patterns to Optimise Sacral Neuromodulation Therapy for Faecal Incontinence

Project Team Leader
Dr Niranchan Paskaranandavadivel (UoA)

Project Team
Dr Andrew Lowe (AUT)
Assc Prof Greg O'Grady (UoA)
Ass Prof Leo Cheng (UoA)
Prof Ian Bisset (UoA)
Arkwright Technologies

Project Summary
Faecal incontinence is a silent epidemic, with the NZ prevalence at 12%, often resulting in profound humiliation and social isolation for affected individuals. Neuromodulation is a new effective therapy with up to 80% success rate. Using long term manometry data, the purpose of this proposal is to develop a software tool to quantify motor patterns to assess neuromodulation therapy for faecal incontinence.