Drains that actually drain: Fundamental re-design of surgical drainage Catheters

Project Team Leader
Dr Anthony Phillips

Project Team
Harvey Ho, ABI, UOA
Anthony Phillips, SBS and DOS, UOA
Michelle Dickinson, Nano and Chemical Engineering, UOA
Tim Woodfield, UoO (Christchurch)
Simon Fraser, Victoria University
Simon Swift, Medical Sciences, UOA
Lisa Brown, DOS, UOA and Oxford University
John Windsor, DOS, UOA and Auckland City Hospital

Project Summary
This project extends a PhD project to develop catheters designed specifically for percutaneous drainage. The trend towards minimally invasive surgery includes interventional radiology techniques that drain infected fluid collections within body cavities. Unfortunately, the percutaneous drains (PCD) used currently are not actually designed for this purpose and, hence, results in blockages. The aim of this project is to develop prototypes to show proof of concept and clinical viability.