A Model-assisted Diagnostic Package for Clinical Electrogastrography (EGG)

Project Team Leader
Dr Peng Du (UoA)

Project Team
Professor Nikola Kasabov (AUT)
Dr Vincent Ho (University of Western Sydney)
Dr Niranchan Paskaranandavadivel (UoA)
Dr Greg O’Grady

Project Summary
Development of a system that will transform the efficacy of EGG used in the recording of gastric bioelectrical activity. This will include a proprietary system to optimise the positioning of electrodes, neural network based training algorithm for classifying gastric activity and a software that will provide detailed feedback to clinicians.

An accurate analysis of electrogastrography provides a completely non-invasive method of recording gastric bioelectrical activity, for patients with acute and chronic digestive conditions. The highly inter-disciplinary team is led by PI Dr Peng Du, who is an accomplished biomedical engineer with support of a Marsden Fast-Start Grant and recently completed a prestigious New Zealand Postdoctoral Fellowship (the Rutherford Foundation, RSNZ). In his early career, he has become a leading expert on high-resolution electrodes design, signal and image processing, and mathematical modelling of the gastrointestinal system.