Long-term engagement to lower-limb stroke rehabilitation through a digitally manufactured exergame system

Project Team Leader
Dr Edgar Rodriguez-Ramirez (VUW)

Project Team
Prof Simon Fraser, Kah Chan (School of Design, VUW)
Dr Brian Robinson (Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health, VUW)
Dr Will Browne (School of Engineering, VUW)
Prof Keith Rome (Health & Research Rehabilitation Institute, AUT)
Dr Nicola Kayes (School of Rehabilitation and Occupation Studies, Centre for Person Centred Research, AUT)
A/Prof Duncan Babbage (Centre for eHealth, AUT)
A/Prof Thor Besier (Auckland Bioengineering Institute, UoA)

Project Summary
This project will investigate how a designed system of digitally fabricated and individualised game controllers and exergames can increase long-term engagement to therapies and patient outcomes for lower-limb stroke rehabilitation.