Monitoring upper limb activity in people with stroke

Project Team Leader
Dr Nada Signal (AUT)

Project Team
Prof Denise Taylor (AUT)
Ruth McLaren (AUT)
Marcus King (Callaghan Innovation)
Dr Gregor Neumayr (Callaghan Innovation)
Richard Little (Exsurgo)

Project Summary
The amount of practice and physical activity undertaken during rehabilitation influences recovery following stroke; with more activity resulting in better outcomes. Yet, observational studies show that people with stroke spend very little time in activity during rehabilitation, with especially low rates of arm activity. Accelerometry has the potential to provide an objective measure of patient arm activity in hospital, rehabilitation clinic and home environments. This information could be used to monitor rehabilitation and to promote arm activity.

This project aims to develop and validate methods to effectively measure and classify arm activity in people with stroke. We are interested in determining if accelerometry can give information about the amount of arm use during the day, the type of movement and characteristics that cannot be visually observed, such as measures of smoothness of movement, and bilateral symmetry which indicate improvements in functional movement control following stroke.