Dr James 'Elf' Eldridge

Victoria University of Wellington
Faculty of Engineering
Email: elf.eldridge@ecs.vuw.ac.nz

My primary research goal is the development of complete biosensing systems. In particular my research focuses on utilising low-cost and open source technologies where possible, with a particular emphasis towards developing integrated solutions that operate alongside mobile devices. Such solutions must necessarily be inexpensive and easy to fabricate, without sacrificing measurement quality. These devices are intended for at-home or clinical uses by non-expert users. These aims align closely with the MedTech CoRE's Diagnostic theme's goal of reducing the cost of medical care and developing personalised diagnostics.

This work builds on top of my PhD research which refined the measurement sensitivity and specificity of a nanopore-based biosensor. Specifically we used resistive pulse sensing to detect nano- and microparticle size, charge and shape in various conductive aqueous media.