A portrait of Dr Khoon Lim.

Dr Khoon Lim has a BE (Hons) in Chemical Engineering and both ME, and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He is currently a Research Fellow in the Christchurch Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering (CReATE) Group, New Zealand. He holds a prestigious NZ Health Research Council Emerging Researcher First Grant and has also won several other awards such as the UNSW Dean’s Award in Postgraduate Research and IEEE Technologies of the Future Competition. His research activity focuses on using soft biomaterials (hydrogels) to deliver instructive elements that are capable of signaling cells down a pathway of tissue organisation and formation. He works at the interface of amalgamating multidisciplinary skills such as biomaterials, 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering, with the vision to solve the current problems faced with organ donation not only in NZ but worldwide. His research projects also involve several collaborations in Netherlands, Portugal, UK and Australia. More details of his research and publications can be found on the University of Otago website.

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