Portrait of Professor Shane Xie

Professor Shane Xie leads a multidisciplinary research team in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Auckland working in the areas of biomechatronics and smart medical devices. His principal research interest is in the development of mechatronics and robotics technologies for a wide range of medical applications. He leads the medical and rehabilitation robotics group at the university and has initiated many research projects which are leading the way in cutting-edge international mechatronics fields such as ankle robotics, orthopaedic robotics and exoskeletons and wearable medical devices.

The aim of his research is to use a combination of mathematical modelling techniques, mechatronics methods and experimental measurements to better understand bio-systems, design smart and robust medical devices and automatically control them interacting with humans. His major focus has until recently been in lower/upper limb rehabilitation, human robot interaction, assistive and rehabilitation robots, but has extended this to include more wider range of biomechatronics applications, such as smart medicine, exoskeleton and prosthetic devices, walking assistance, hip and knee replacement robots.  A major drive is to see these techniques and results migrate into the clinical environment.

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