The MedTech CoRE and CMDT have been established to serve as a world leading research platform in medical device technologies for New Zealand, focused on generating healthcare solutions for New Zealanders and economic outcomes for our partners. This section provides an overview of some of the research themes on which the MedTech CoRE and CMDT will focus.

Theme 1: Diagnostics and Therapeutics

The future of affordable, accessible healthcare depends on improved, personalised care, for which diagnostics and therapeutics are the core. New measurement methods, coupled with physiological modelling, are vital in reducing the costs of medical care and developing personalised diagnostics and treatments.

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Theme 2: Interventional Technologies

Minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgical techniques are still evolving and there is a huge potential market for improved systems and techniques. The limitations of laparoscopic surgery illustrate the present problems, with an urgent need for better surgical planning techniques, improved pre-operative and intra-operative imaging accuracy, and tailoring of operations to patient-specific anatomy and physiology.

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Theme 3: Assistive Technologies

Increasing numbers of people are surviving health conditions and trauma previously considered fatal, but often with significant disability and impairment. This signals a crisis for healthcare services, and makes the development of “smart” solutions that allow people to self-manage long term health conditions an urgent issue.

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Theme 4: Digital Health and Health Informatics

Tele-monitoring has the potential to improve efficiency of care in hospitals and the community, and provide secondary preventative measures for the management of chronic conditions and maintenance of healthy lifestyles. It needs both large-scale surveys and remote monitoring techniques to be successful.

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Theme 5: Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine has the potential to greatly improve outcomes for chronic disease states and trauma, and to also increase quality of life and physical activity, by developing biological substitutes for the regeneration and improvement of tissue and organ function. Tissue-specific, growth-factor loaded scaffolds, inserted at the site of injury, should provide temporary mechanical support and ultimately enhance cell attachment, growth and subsequent tissue regeneration.

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